Chrome will alert you about discounts for saved cards while shopping

Google Chrome is working on a feature that will alert you about discounts while shopping, if you have credit cards saved.

It works like this. Let’s say that you have saved your credit card to Chrome to complete online transactions faster. Traditionally, the only benefit you have is saving a few clicks and some time.

Soon, you could get alerts for offers too. Let’s assume that you are buying a new Chromebook from Amazon. You have a credit card saved on your Chrome profile.

If Google is aware of an Amazon offer for your saved credit card, you’ll receive a notification. You could then use the credit card to make the payment and get the benefits of the offer.

Autofill offers and rewards notification

A Chrome flag that I spotted today, Autofill offers and rewards notification has the following description:

“When enabled, a notification will be displayed on page navigation if the domain has an eligible credit card linked offer or reward.”

The feature request bug associated with this change is private. However, the flag name and description give us a clear idea how this feature is going to work.


This feature is part of Google’s efforts to make Chrome more “shopping-friendly”. Remember Google’s effort to unify your shopping cart?

We do not have a lot of details about this feature yet. However, if you are a company that makes Chrome extensions that help users avail more discounts online, you should take notice.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section below.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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