Chrome’s Reading List to Get Weekly Reminders

Google recently added a Reading List to save web pages. Now the team is adding an option for weekly reminders so that you will come back to these saved pages.

Read Later

I am a huge fan of Pocket, (formerly Read It Later) a service that lets you save articles to read offline on your phone. Google recently added a “Read Later” option to Chrome. I do not think Chrome will replace Pocket for me in the near future. However, the feature looks promising.

Read Later – Chrome

After adding an option to save links for future reference, Google added a side panel to display these links.

Today, I found a couple of Chrome flags to enable weekly reminders for saved items.

  • Notification scheduler: Enable notification scheduler feature.
  • Read later reminder notification: Enables read later weekly reminder notification

These two flags will let you configure a weekly reminder so that you’ll come back to your saved items.

The reminder itself is not a big deal. However, this feature shows that Google is serious about this feature and has some plans for it. Well, if they don’t end up killing this feature before that.

I will test these new features as they come up in the Canary channel and bring you news if I find something interesting. Stay tuned for future updates.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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