First Look – Video Tutorial in Chrome (Android)

Google is adding video tutorials to the Chrome browser. You will be able to watch videos explaining how to use Chrome and its features.

Update – 08-NOV-2020: This feature is now available in Chrome for Android, Canary version.

Here is a quick demo of this feature:

Update: This has started showing up on the Canary version of Chrome. However, we cannot watch these videos yet.

Video tutorials on Chrome for Android

Video Tutorials

A code change request and an experimental flag that we spotted today talks about adding video tutorials to Chrome:

“Video Tutorials : Set up feature flags and skeleton code directory

This CL sets up – Video tutorials feature flag – Video tutorials code directory in chrome/browser/video_tutorials/ – BUILD, DEPS, OWNERS files – An empty VideoTutorialService class with factory”

Here is the flag that team is adding to Chrome to test this feature:

Enable video tutorials: Show video tutorials in Chrome”


Looking at the code, we couldn’t confirm if this is going to come to desktop versions of Chrome. However, the code clearly talks about adding this to Android.

Another related code change talks about adding a “Added tutorials card on NTP”. This means you will see a thumbnail on the Chrome new tab page, inviting you to try the video tutorials.

This is something that we will keep an eye out for in upcoming Chrome releases and code changes.

We also tried to find a list of video tutorials that Chrome is adding, but no luck yet.

The feature request bug for this change is publicly available. However, the design document is private.

“Issue 1114065: [Video Tutorials] Set up source directory and add feature flag”

That leaves us with very less information at this point.


We are still looking at related code changes to find out a list of videos that we might see.

Stay tuned to Chrome Story for more updates on this developing story.

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