Chrome for Android Will Display Account While Saving Passwords & Payment Info

Google Chrome for Android will soon display an information bar with your account or email ID while saving passwords and payment information.

The Issue

Let’s assume that you use more than one Google account on your Android phone. You would want to save passwords or payment information into a specific account correct?

Google is making it easy to view the account to which you are saving passwords and payment information.

You will soon see an info bar while saving passwords, updating passwords or adding payment information. This info bar will show which account you are saving this information to.

The Flag

A newly added Chrome flag will be used to test this feature, beginning with the Canary version of Chrome:

Display InfoBar footer with account indication information: When enabled, a footer indicating the user’s e-mail address will appear at the bottom of corresponding InfoBar.”

The related feature request bug has more information:

“We’re adjusting certain prompts on Clank to indicate the account to which a user saves their passwords and payment information, so users do not mistakenly save their information to the wrong account.

  • We’re adding a footer to the following three info bars:
  • Save payment info
  • Save password
  • Update password”

We do not have screenshots to show you at the moment. However, an upcoming update to the Canary channel will bring this feature to Canary. Chekc back soon for more details and screenshots.

Questions? Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. I don’t have a clue what is going on or what to do.

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