Chrome ‘Policy Advisor’ to Give Helpful Privacy-related Suggestions to Users

Google Chrome is working on a new feature called “Policy advisor”. This feature will provide contextual help to users so that they can use Chrome’s privacy settings better.

Policy Advisor

Google recently redesigned the Privacy page, making it a separate category. All that is good. However, if users do not use these new (and existing) features, what’s the point?

This might be the reason for Google to introduce a Privacy Advisor. According to the experimental flag that enables this feature, Privacy Advisor will provide “contextual entry points for adjusting privacy settings”.

This flag expiry milestone is set to Chrome version 90. The Stable version of Chrome is currently at 85. That means Google has a lot of work to do before this feature goes live.

An Example

We do not know how this feature will look or behave. However, here is an example from another related code change request.

The following message will be displayed when you clear Chrome cookies:

“Regularly clearing browser data? Cookies can be set to automatically clear on session exit.”

As you can see, Policy Advisor will give users little nudges through contextual help, encouraging them to use Chrome’s privacy settings.

Policy Advisor messages should soon start showing up in the Canary version of Chrome. I will update this article with additional information and screenshots when they become available.

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Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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