Google is Adding Rich Search Results to Chromebook Launcher

Google is working on a project to improve search results displayed on the Chromebook launcher. You will soon see rich search result results when you search from the Launcher.

Rich Entities

So, what’s a Rich Entity?

It looks like this:

That’s how Rich Entities show up in Chrome’s omnibox. Now, here is how this shows in Chrome OS launcher now:

See, they are not “rich” with thumbnails and icons. This, however, is changing.

Omnibox rich entities in the launcher

A new flag that I spotted today on the Chromium Gerrit website talks about bringing Rich Entities to Chromebook launcher.

Omnibox rich entities in the launcher: Enable rich entity formatting for Omnibox results in the launcher”

It might take a while before this feature reaches the Stable version of Chrome OS. I will update this article when this happens.


JR Raphael recently wrote an interesting article for Computer World. It talks about how Google is making the Chromebook Launcher a powerful tool.

You can search the web, your files, settings, and even interact with Google Assistant from the launcher.

This new feature seems to be aligned with this approach. Do you agree?

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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