Photos From Your Chromebook Has a New Home

Google is adding a “Camera” folder to the Chrome OS Files app. Soon, you will be able to find all the pictures your Chromebook camera takes, here.

Update – 26-SEP-2020: This is now available in the Canary channel.

Moving away from the “Downloads” folder

I remember watching a David Pogue Ted talk where he asked why Windows users have to click the “Start” button to shut down their computers.

If David uses a Chromebook, he will definitely ask why are we finding photos from the Chromebook camera in the “Downloads” folder.

Well, that’s how Chrome OS started. Luckily, they are getting ready to change this.

Back in the days when a Chromebook was just a browser, without even a desktop or wallpaper, there was just one folder to store your local files. It was called “Downloads”.

Your camera also saved pictures there.

Now that the Files app has evolved to include everything from your Downloads to your Android and Linux files, we are finally seeing a change.

Enter the “Camera” Folder

A code change request that I spotted today talks about adding a “Camera” folder to the Files app.

You will be able to test this feature behind the following experimental flag:

“Enable Camera folder handling in Files App:

Enables the Files App to display Camera folder with i18n name and make it nonmodifiable”

A flag to test Chrome OS Camera folder

As the flag suggests, you will get a new system folder called Camera, most likely under the My Files drive. Chrome OS won’t let you rename this folder.


This change is on its way to the Chromium OS source code. I am hoping to see the new Camera folder in action in one of the upcoming Canary channel updates.

I shall update this article with screenshots when it becomes available.

Now, please tell me you don’t want to save your photos in the “Downloads” anymore, in the comments section below.

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Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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