Chrome Might Add Your Frequent Google Searches to the New Tab Page

Here is a new Chrome feature that might become a topic of discussion in coming days. Google is planning to add “repeatable queries” to Chrome New Tab Page (NTP).

At first I thought they will “surface” my frequent Google search queries and place them on the New Tab Page so that I can do it again with a single click. It sounded like the initial controversy on most visited websites on the NTP.

Chrome New Tab Page

Not everyone liked Chrome placing most visited website thumbnails on the start page. Is this new feature going to get a similar response?

Chrome’s current NTP lets you customize the thumbnails with websites you want to show. You have the option of switching to your most visited websites as well.

The New Flag – Repeatable Queries

Now, to the new feature. Here is the flag:

Repeatable queries on the New Tab Page: Enables surfacing repeatable queries as most visited tiles on the New Tab Page.”

The code commit request alsos ays:

“Adds a new feature and a chrome://flags entry to surface repeatable queries in most visited tiles on the NTP.”

Further down in the code comments I see the following statement:

“If enabled, queries that are frequently repeated by the user (and are expected to be issued again) are shown as most visited tiles.”

Can We Customize It?

We do not know the complete details about this feature yet. However, if Google is planning to place your most frequent search keywords on the Chrome start page, we will see the same kind of response we saw to the most visited websites.

Another possibility is to show prompts when Google notices a user searching for the same keyword very often. It might ask the user if they want to add it to their New Tab Page for easy access.

How do you think this feature will work? Or rather, how do you think this feature should work. Let me know in the comments section.

PS: I have a feeling that I might have completely misunderstood this feature. If you think, hit me up in the comments section.

Source: Gerrit.

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