Chrome’s Lite Video to Add Throttling Options

Google Chrome recently added Lite Video, a feature that lets users reduce data usage while streaming videos. The Chrome team is working on an additional feature which will let users customize the video speed in kpbs.

Update: This flag is now available in the Canary channel.

Chrome Lite Video Options

Adjust throttling downlink (in Kbps)

Lite Video wants to help users reduce bandwidth consumption. The new flag that we spotted today is an extension of this feature:

Lite Video: Adjust throttling downlink (in Kbps): Specify the throttling bandwidth to be used

We do not have any additional information available at the moment. However, from the flag description, it is clear that we will get an option to choose the streaming speed.

You might have used the option to increase or reduce the video quality while watching videos on YouTube. This will be a very similar feature.

However, will Chrome give us the option to change streaming speed of individual videos, or is it something that we set for all videos from Settings? We will have to wait for a few more weeks to know this.

So, at this point, we all we can do is wait for this feature to land on the Canary channel of Chrome.

Are you looking forward to using this feature? Maybe only when you are on mobile data? Let me know in the comments.

Source: Gerrit.

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