Chrome to Let Users Add Incognito Shortcut Icon to Desktop

Ever wanted a desktop icon on your computer to open Chrome in Incognito mode? Google is working on adding this handy feature.

Incognito Shortcut Icon

Chrome Incognito

A code commit that we spotted today talks about adding an experimental flag for this new feature.

Enable Incognito Desktop Shortcut: Enables users to create a desktop shortcut for incognito mode.

The code commit further says:

“A feature and flag is added to control the menu item for creating an incognito desktop shortcut on Windows.”

That leaves no room for guessing how this feature will work. However, for good measure, let us review the feature request bug as well:

“Add an option to incognito menu to create a shortcut on desktop on Windows.”

The design document linked from the bug is Google internal-only. However, I think we’ve got everything we need to figure out how this will work.

You might have seen workarounds to add a shortcut icon to your Windows desktop. However, this time, you will get a menu option to easily add this to your desktop.

Click the shortcut icon, and Chrome will launch in Incognito mode. You will no longer have to open Chrome in normal mode and then open an Incognito window.

When will I get this feature?

That’s a good question. The code for this flag was added only a few minutes ago. It will take a while for this feature to land in the Canary version of Chrome.

It will then take a few more weeks for it to reach the Stable channel update. We shall update this article with additional details and instructions when it is ready.

Would you like a YouTube video explaining how to add this shortcut? Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. Yes! I’d like to know how to setup a Chrome shortcut to a site with its URL opening in an incognito window. But not a Youtube, please. Something written in any language of your choice.

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