Chromebook ‘Phone Hub’ Can Ring Connected Phone to Help You Find It

Phone Hub, a new feature that makes your Android phone and Chromebook work together, will be able to ring your phone. When you can’t find where you left your phone, your Chromebook can help you locate it.

Phone Hub

Google is actively working on Phone Hub. This will make your Android Phone and Chromebook be “Better Together” as Google calls it.

Phone Hub features

We have already seen many Phone Hub features like notifications and managing messages from your Chromebook. Here is one more.

Find My Device

According to a code change request that I spotted today, Phone Hub will have an option to make your phone ring.

“This class provides an interface for the Phone Hub UI to ring the connected phone as part of the FindMyDevice feature; additionally, it provides an API for checking whether the phone is currently ringing.”

Since this feature is still under development, we still do not know how the UI will look like and how these features will work. However, the ability to make your phone ring using your Chromebook is a good feature to have.

You Can Already Do This Using the Assistant

Here is something interesting to note. If your Chromebook supports Google Assistant, you can already do this.

Ask the Assistant to find your phone and your phone will ring.

Find phone using the Assistant

I won’t be surprised if this new Phone Hub feature is just an integration with the Assistant to pass on the command.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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  1. Whoa! I just tried this with the Nest Mini and it rings the phone at full volume. Nice feature!

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