Chrome will tell you if your password is weak

Google Chrome will soon let you know if one of your saved passwords is weak. Chrome currently checks if any of your passwords is compromised. This is an addition to this feature.

Check Password Weakness

Google Chrome recently added a Password Checkup feature. This is available on the desktop and Android.

Next, Google wants to take this up a notch.

Soon, Chrome will tell you if one of your passwords is weak. You will receive notifications to change these passwords thereby increase security of your accounts.

Code Change

We spotted this code change today, adding a new experimental flag to check weak passwords.

Passwords weakness check: Enables checking passwords for weakness in Check Passwords”

The code change request explains this feature thus:

“Add Passwords Weakness Check feature flag

This feature flag allows as to enable checking passwords for weakness in chrome://settings/passwords/check.”

The feature request bug is also publicly available:

Issue 1119752: [Password Check] Add passwords weakness check:

This is a tracking bug for adding passwords weakness check to chrome://settings/passwords/check.


This feature will indeed Chrome’s built-in password manager better. It might take a few more weeks before we start seeing this in the Canary channel of Chrome.

Stay tuned to Chrome Story for more updates on this story.

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