Chromebook’s Keyboard Looks Better with the New ‘Bordered Key’

Chromebook virtual keyboard is getting a facelift. A new flag available in the Canary channel of Chrome OS makes adds “bordered keys”.

Virtual Keyboard Bordered Key: Show virtual keyboard with bordered key – Chrome OS

Let me first show you the virtual keyboard before the new flag is enabled:

Chromebook Virtual Keyboard

Now, the new keyboard, after the flag is enabled:

Chromebook Virtual Keyboard, Bordered

I do not use my Pixel Slate in tablet mode much (Too big to carry around as a tablet). So the virtual keyboard is not something that I regularly use. However, I can see the visual appeal right away.

It doesn’t look like the border is adding any additional space between the keys. However, it makes the virtual keyboard a bit more similar to a physical keyboard.

Now, that’s from a person who does not use the virtual keyboard much. If you are someone who uses Chrome OS virtual keyboard, I would love to hear your thoughts. Let me know in the comments section.

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