Release Notes Now Part of Chrome OS Help App

Google recently added a “What’s New” app into Chrome OS. This page is now available as part of the new Help app.

Releases Notes and Help App – working together

It is interesting to see two new features working well together. Google started out the new Help app as “Explore” and later made it to the default help app.

The Release Notes or “What’s New” was started as a page that you opened from the Settings > About section.

In one of the recent Canary channel updates, Google added a flag to bring these two together:

Help App Release Notes: Enables release notes in the help app – Chrome OS

It took a while for the flag take effect. I am not sure when it started working. The change is live in the latest version of Chrome OS Canary.

This is where it should be

In my opinion, the What’s New section makes more sense within the Help app. It shouldn’t be hiding inside the About section of the Settings app, a page we rarely open.

Here is how the new help app looks like, with the What’s New section:

Release Notes in Help app

Now, it is your turn. Do you think this move makes sense? Or should the release notes stay hidden in the Chrome OS Settings app?

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