‘Share Sheet’ is Coming to Chromebooks too

Chrome has a “Share Sheet” based sharing menu on Android. A code change request that we spotted today hints that this feature is coming to the desktop version of Chrome as well.

Share Sheet

What is Share Sheet?

Share Sheet is an Android feature that makes sharing between apps fast and easy. On Chrome, this menu includes:

We also noticed a new screenshot icon on Share Sheet today. You can now take screenshots from Chrome’s Share Sheet.

Chromebook-Only or other platforms too?

Will the new Share Sheet menu come to Chrome for Windows and macOS too, or is it a Chromebooks-only feature?

The code commit says “This CL adds a feature flag for enabling the sharesheet on desktop platforms.”

However, when you look at the flag description, it says “Chrome OS sharesheet”. Certain parts of the code comments also shows possibility of a Chrome OS-only feature.

Chrome OS Code for Share Sheet

As usual, it will take a few weeks before we can test this feature and give you more details. Stay tuned to Chrome Story to receive regular updates and Chromebook tips.

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