Chrome OS to Limit Shelf Items to the Active Desk

Chrome OS recently launched Virtual Desks. This allows you to add desks to organize multiple windows and multi-task on your Chromebook. This feature required a small tweak, according to a bug reported submitted here. If you open an app on one virtual desk, the icon for that app will be visible on all virtual desks.

As the reported says on the bug report “I expect there to be a toggle that allows me to display open program icons only on the shelf in the virtual desk they are open in similar to how on windows you can tell it to only show the icons on the taskbar on the monitor the program is open on”

This is changing.

Per-desk Shelf

The Chrome OS team is working on a “Per-desk Shelf” feature to fix this little trouble. When this becomes available in the Stable channel of Chrome OS, app icons will be limited to the Shelf on the active desk.

The code change that I spotted today introduces this change into the Chrome OS code. It also has a feature flag that will be used to test this change.

Flag name: Limit Shelf items to active desk

Description: Limits items on the shelf to the ones associated with windows on the active desk.

This change has just been added to the code. It will take a few weeks before we can test this flag in the Canary version of Chrome OS. If everything works well, you will soon be able to work with virtual desks on your Chromebooks more comfortably.

Are you a virtual desk user? Has this issue been bothering you? Let us know in the comments section.

Source: Gerrit.

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