‘Go to file location’ to Help Find File Location in Chromebook Files App

Chromebook Files app has a section that displays recently accessed files. You will also see the Audio, Video, and Images sections here. We have seen many users trying to delete files from this section and unable to do so. The solution is to go the original location of these files and delete them from there.

The problem is, there is no easy way to find the actual location or file path for these files.

This is changing.

Note: This feature is currently in development. It will take several weeks for it to be available in the Stable channel for everyone.

Go to file location

A code commit that I spotted today adds a “Go to file location” option to the context menu in Recents, Audio, Images, or Videos sections.

“Add “Go to file location” context menu item.”

“This CL adds “Go to file location” context menu item when a single file is selected in Recents, Audio, Images, or Videos. When the command is fired, selected files’ containing folder will be opened.”

As you can see in the code changelog, you can right-click and go to the folder where the file is located. From there, you can delete or rename files easily.

Recent Files

This is indeed a welcome change. I am sure a lot of people would appreciate this feature. If you answer user questions on Google community forum or Reddit, this will make it easy for you to guide users.

Do you find this feature useful? Let me know in the comments section.

Source: Gerrit.

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  1. My “read only” does not have a “properties” thing when I right click as I have seen some say you can change the setting on that to delete the files and when I click “file location” it just stays in read only… I’m not sure howto delete the files when I am not given any way to do so

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