Chrome’s Bulk Password Checkup Might be Coming to Android

Google recently integrated Safety Check to Chrome. This service looks at passwords that you have stored in Chrome’s password manager and tells you if they were part of any known leaks. If they are, you are encouraged to change the password for any service that you use the same password on.

A code change that I spotted today talks about adding this feature to Chrome for Android. The change log simply says “Added bulk password check API endpoint for Android”. The bug associated with this change is private, hence we don’t have any information from there.

However, when you look at comments within the code, you will get a better picture.

“This controller allows Android code to interact with the bulk credential leak check. Supported interactions include starting the password check, as well as getting notified when the state is changed and when each credential is checked.”

“Starts the bulk passwords check using all the saved credentials in the user’s password store.”

“Returns the last known number of leaked password as of the latest check. Does not affect the state of the bulk leak check.”

These comments hint that Chrome for Android will be getting the bulk password check or “Safety Check” soon. As usual, we are talking about code changes here and it will be weeks before we see a flag or an experimental feature change in Chrome for Android.

When it becomes available on Android, you will be able to scan your stored passwords and get reports for compromised passwords using Chrome.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Source: Gerrit.

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