Chrome for Android Gets Screenshot Option in Share Menu

Google Chrome for Android has added a built-in screenshot option, complete with an editor to annotate images. This is currently available in the Canary version of Chrome.

Android, as you know, already has a screenshot option. It is surprising to see a built-in screenshot mode for Chrome. Before we go any further, let me show you a couple of screenshots.

Chrome for Android Screenshot option

Here is the image editor that loads after you take screenshot:

The image editor looks similar to what you get when you take a screenshot using Android’s Volume Down + Power keyboard combination.

The editor is not fully functional on the current version. I could not get it to work. Things are in a very early stage of development and this is expected.

How to test this feature

Install the Canary version of Chrome for Android on your phone. Enable the following flag:

Chrome Share Screenshots – Enables UI to edit and share screenshots – Android.

Restart Chrome, open a website and tap Share from the three-dots settings menu.

It is unclear if Chrome is launching Android’s own screenshot function when we tap this icon from the Share Sheet. We will test this out and update the article with details as we find more.

Exciting? What do you think?

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