Chrome to Add Support for ‘Windows Hello’ for Payment Autofill Authentication

Google Chrome might be adding support for Windows Hello on Windows PCs to make payment authentication easy. This feature was spotted by developer Owen Williams on the Beta version of Chrome.

Google Chrome currently allows users to save payment methods on the browser. This makes it easy to pay for online purchases. You could call this autofill for payment methods. Chrome can fill in your payment information just like it does with addresses and login information.

As an added security measure on Windows computers, Chrome will soon add support for Windows Hello.

Windows Hello is a feature that allows users to authenticate using fingerprints, iris scan, or facial recognition. You can use this to sign into devices, services, and apps.

If you are using the Beta version of Google Chrome on a Windows 10 computer, header over to chrome://settings/payments to see this new option. You will need a Windows Hello supported computer for this to work.

This feature is available only in the Beta version of Google Chrome at the moment. We will need to wait for this to show up on the Stable channel to explore further. Stay tuned for more updates on this feature.

Source: Android Police.

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