‘Explore’ is Now Chromebook’s Default ‘Get Help’ App

Remember the new “Explore” app that we featured a few months ago? This app is now the default “Get Help” app on Chromebook. If you click the “Get Help with Chrome OS” link in the Settings app, the new Explore app will be launched.

Note: I am writing this from the Canary version of Chrome OS. It might take a while before you see this on the Stable version.

The New Explore (Help) App

You can launch the app by going to Settings > About Chrome OS and Clicking the “Get Help with Chrome OS” link.

Another way to launch this app is from the launcher. Look for the “Explore” app.


The first feature of the new help app that you will notice is Search. You can search for the help content from here.

The Overview section of the app lists helpful resources that a new Chromebook user might find useful. This includes keyboard shortcuts, installing Android apps and managing files, etc.

The Perks section lists freebies that come with the specific Chromebook that you own. Unfortunately, the Perks section on my Chromebook is currently empty.

The Help section takes you to different help articles available for Chrome OS. This includes:

  • Use Chromebook at home
  • Get started
  • Connect your Chromebook
  • Manage your apps
  • Customize settings
  • Explore accessibility
  • Fix problems
  • Find device support

The “Find device support” section is useful if you are looking for options to contact your Chromebook’s manufacturer for support.

Do you find this new Help app more useful than the previous one? Is there something that you think is missing? Let me know in the comments section.

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