Google Chrome to Get a New ‘Profile Picker’

Google Chrome is experimenting a new Profile Picker that will work almost like a login screen for Chrome. If you have multiple profile on your Chrome browser, you will be asked to choose one when you launch Chrome.

Most of us have work and personal Chrome profiles on the same Chrome browser. We switch between them as required. When we open Chrome in the morning however, it opens with the last profile that you used. This will soon change.

New profile picker

On the Canary version of Chrome, there is a new flag that enables a “Profile Picker”. You can enable this flag from chrome://flags/#enable-new-profile-picker.

When the flag is enabled, Chrome will display a screen with profiles to choose from. Here is how it looks like on my computer:

Chrome’s Profile Picker Screen

This new Profile Picker screen reminds me of Chrome OS. The experience is now similar to logging into my Chromebook. On my computer, however, I do not have to enter my Google account password to begin.

Apart from the available profiles, this screen also gives options o add a new profile (Add Person) and browse Incognito (Browse as Guest). If you are using a single profile on Chrome, you may not see this screen.

I am expecting comments from at least a few of you who might dislike this feature. This feature effectively adds one more step between you and your browsing session. However, on the other hand, it saves time and confusion that might arise from using the wrong profile for a task.

What side are you on? Let me know in the comments section.

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