Copy-paste Support for GIF is Coming to Chrome

Google Chrome currently supports the copy-pasting of images. You can copy an image from Google Image Search results and paste it directly into a Google Docs document. However, you cannot do this with GIF images. This is changing.

Copy-paste support for animated GIF images is a popular feature request for Chrome. According to the feature request or bug report, Chrome can only paste a single frame instead of the whole animated image.

We don’t have much details available about this change. However, the code commit that we spotted today says:

“Add gif support for image share and copy”

The bug associated with this change request is restricted and hence we are unable to verify this further.

We will have to wait for more details to confirm this with 100% confidence. We shall update this article as soon as additional details become available. If we are lucky, we should see an experimental flag to test this feature soon. Stay tuned.

Source: Gerrit.

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