Chrome Tab Groups to Get ‘Move Group to Window’

Tab Groups, a Chrome feature that allows you to manage multiple tabs as groups, is getting an option to convert groups into separate windows. This feature is currently under development.

Moving Tab Groups to Windows

Imagine that you are researching something and have a few tab groups open. You want to move them to a separate window so that you can work using only those few tabs. The Chrome team is working on such a feature. From the bug report:

“Issue 1043316: [Tab Groups] Add group editor bubble context menu item for moving a group to a new window”

“Requested both as a normal feature and in order to have an accessible path toward doing so. Otherwise, the only way to do so is to click and drag with a mouse.”

Code change for this feature was added yesterday to the Chromium Gerrit. It might take a while for this feature to make it to the Canary version of Chrome.

At present, the context-menu of Chrome tab groups has only the following options:

  • New Tab in Group
  • Ungroup
  • Close Group
  • Send Feedback
Chrome tab groups

The Tab Groups feature started out as a very basic option many months ago. It slowly evolved into a better-looking and useful feature. From the way it looks, we might see more innovation around this area.

Do you find this new feature useful? Let us know in the comments section with an example use case.

Source: Chromium bug repository and Gerrit.

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