Chrome to Ask Users to Review Extensions

Google Chrome is working on a new prompt and user interface to ask users to review the extensions that they have already installed. This feature is now available and enabled by default on the Canary version of Chrome.

If you are on the Beta or Dev channel versions of Chrome, check the chrome://flags page for the following flag:

Extensions Checkup: Enable the extensions checkup experiment – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS chrome://flags/#extension-checkup.

A Message on the New Tab Page

Google uses a message on the Chrome New Tab Page to invite users to “Extension Checkeup”. “Safety matters. Take a moment and check your extensions now”, the message states.

New tab page message

When you click on this message, the Chrome extensions page opens with the following message:

Check your extensions

“Some extensions can see your browsing activity – including personal information.

If you don’t recognize an extension, or if your browser isn’t working as expected, you can turn off or customize extensions here.”

Extension checkup

Shady extensions create a lot of issues for Chrome users. Most of the time the troubleshooting steps start with disabling all extensions or using Incognito mode, which disables extensions.

It is a recommended practice to periodically review extensions and remove anything that you no longer use. This feature will help users with this best practice.

Do you regularly review your Chrome extensions?

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