Chrome to Allow Copying Saved Passwords to Clipboard on Windows

Google Chrome will soon allow you to copy saved passwords to the clipboard so that you can paste them into login forms. You will not have to use the “show password” to use this.

Why is this important?

Imagine that you need to copy one of the passwords that you have saved using Chrome’s built-in password manager. You will first need to click the “eye’ icon next to the password to reveal it before you can copy it.

Now, imagine that you are doing this while working from a cafe. There is a possibility that your password will be seen by someone standing next to you or a security camera.

The change that the Chrome team is proposing will make it possible for you to copy the password without first displaying it as plain text.

Chrome currently asks you to enter your computer’s password before displaying the password as plain text. We will most likely see this step while copying it too.

Windows Only

The feature request bug states that the current plan is to implement this only on Windows. You can already do this on Android:

Copy saved password – Android

Here is a sample screenshot from the bug tracker, showing how this feature might work:

Copy saved password – Windows

This feature makes the built-in Chrome password manager a bit more user-friendly and secure. It is unclear why this feature is not coming to macOS at the moment. We will update the article as soon as more details become available.

Do you find this feature useful? Let us know in the comments section.

Source: Chromium bug repository and Gerrit.

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