Chrome Adds ‘chrome://settings/cookies’ to Manage Cookies

Google Chrome is getting a dedicated page within “Settings” to manage cookies. The page is currently available on the Canary version of Chrome but is empty.

Chrome Cookie Management

Google is working on different ways to make cookies on Chrome secure and easy to manage. You might have already read about the SameSite cookie change. If you search for “cookie” on chrome://flags, you will see a few flags listed there:

Cookie Related Flags

While the discussion on SameSite cookie is going on, Google added a new “Cookies” page to Chrome settings. This is currently only a placeholder page.

Chrome will soon add a new section called “Cookies” under the Privacy section of Settings. You can also access this page directly by going to chrome://settings/cookies. If you access this now on the Canary version of Chrome, this is what you will see:

Google recently promoted the Privacy section of Settings as a main section and gave it a place in the main menu. This gave Google a bit more space within this new Privacy section to add new features and menus. The Cookies page is one such improvement.

It is unclear what we will be able to do using this page. We will keep an eye on this page and update this article as the team adds more options here.

What do you think Google will add to this page? Let us know in the comments section.

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