Anna’s Garden, Leisure Composition – New Wallpaper Categories Added to Chrome OS

We spotted a code commit that discussed new exclusive wallpaper categories for “Made By Google” Chromebooks back in October 2019. The latest version of the Canary channel of Chrome OS, the most experimental build available out there, has these new wallpapers.

The Pixel Slate where we tested this has three new categories within the default Wallpaper app:

  • Anna’s Garden
  • Leisure
  • Composition
Leisure – Chromebook Wallpapers
“Anna’s Garden – Chromebook Wallpapers
“Composition” Chromebook Wallpaper

The Leisure section is our new favorite. Here is the current wallpaper from our Pixel Slate:

Chromebook Wallpaper – 2020

It might take a few weeks before these new wallpapers make it to the Stable channel of Chrome OS. In the meantime, let us know your favorite Chromebook wallpaper in the comments section.

One response to “Anna’s Garden, Leisure Composition – New Wallpaper Categories Added to Chrome OS”

  1. Hi,

    I was you know of the Google Pixel Slate, and it’s corresponding folio keyboard? I had the official keyboard but couldn’t get it to work. Sent it to Google yesterday.
    I also have the Brydge G type keyboard, which I’m also having problems with.
    When the Brydge keyboard is attached and Bluetooth connected, if I power off the Pixel Slate, I can’t power it back on. I have to connect it to the USB C power brick for it to turn on again.
    I’ve tried getting support from Google, but they can’t fathom the issue.
    If you have any ideas I can use, I’d be truly grateful.

    Thank you,


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