Chrome to Block Mature Extensions and Themes for Child Users

Google is getting ready to block mature Chrome extensions and themes for child users. If an extension or a theme is marked “Mature” in the Chrome Web Store, child users will not be able to install or even ask per parental approval to install them.

Block Mature Extensions and Themes

According to a code change request that we spotted today in the Chromium Gerrit, Google will soon block mature content from Chrome Web Store on student or child profiles. The code change request description has all the necessary details. It states:

“Block mature extensions and themes for child users.”

“Child users can never load and enable mature extensions and themes after this CL, even with parental approval. There’s no way to ask for parental approval in the first place. The blocking only works for extensions and themes marked Mature in Chrome Web Store (CWS). Note that child users can still see mature extension detail pages in CWS (see b/135756426). This CL doesn’t fix that bug on the CWS side.”

There are two bugs associated with this change in the description but they are marked private. However, if you want additional details on what is considered “mature” on Chrome Web Store, you can refer to the Rating Guidelines here.

Mature Content Guidelines

It will take a few weeks if not months for this feature to reach the Stable version of Chrome. In the meantime, if you think this is a useful feature for you, do let us know in the comments section.

Source: Gerrit.

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