Chrome’s Shared Clipboard is Adding Support for Images

Google Chrome recently added a Shared Clipboard feature that allows you to share text and URLs between your various devices. A code change request submitted to the Chromium repository suggests that Chrome will soon support sharing images using Shared Clipboard.

Going Beyond Text and URLs

With Shared Clipboard, it is easy to share URLs across your devices. You can send a URL or copied text from your phone to the computer or vice versa. You can share text or URLs with Chromebooks too.

The code change request that we spotted today is preparing this feature to go beyond the text. Chrome will soon get a flag that will turn on this experimental feature:

Enables the remote copy feature to handle images:

“Enables the remote copy feature to handle image urls by downloading the image and writing it to the clipboard”

The CL lists three bugs associated with this feature which also give additional details: 1018138, 1018132, 1020582. Here is how this feature is expected to work, according to the bug:

  • Add image url to message proto
  • When received, verify this is a valid and trustworthy source
  • Fetch the image in a utility process
  • Write the image to the clipboard
  • Show a notification to the user

We will have to test and see if this work only images on websites or any image that you share from your computer. We shall update this article when this feature becomes available.

Do you find this feature useful? Let us know in the comments section.

Source: Gerrit.

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