Chrome OS ‘Sync’ Settings to Get Separate Toggles for Sync WiFi & Printer & More

Google is working on improving Chromebook’s Settings app with more detailed controls. The Settings app will soon have additional controls to enable or disable sync for OS-specific options like WiFi credentials and printers etc.

Google recently split the Settings app into an OS Settings page and Browser settings page. Instead of hosting all the settings, chrome://settings page now has only browser related options. The Chrome OS-specific settings like screen resolution and Bluetooth have been moved to chrome://os-settings.

Current Sync Options in Chrome OS

‘Split Settings’ Makes More Room

By splitting the Settings app, Google created more space on both pages. Google is using this space to improve these two apps.

On the browser settings page, you will soon see a new section called Privacy. This will make the privacy settings of Chrome more prominent and easy to access. It is currently tucked behind the “Advanced” section.

On Chrome OS, the company is preparing to put the additional space to good use.

New Settings UI for Sync Controls

A recent code commit that we spotted talks about adding a new settings UI for controlling sync elements.

“Chrome OS is introducing a separate settings UI to control sync for OS types like printers, OS settings, and Wi-Fi config. See go/split-settings-sync for links to PRD and mocks.”

The change request in Gerrit or the bug associated with it does not give any additional details on what these new toggles will be. However, it is clear that the list includes printers and WiFi options.

We expect to see these new options in the Canary channel of Chrome OS very soon. We shall update this article with additional details and screenshots as soon as this change hits the Canary channel.

Source: Gerrit.

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