Google Might Integrate ‘Quick Answer’ Boxes to Chromebooks Similar to OSX’s ‘Lookup’

Google could soon integrate “Quick Answers” to Chrome OS to create an experience similar to macOS’s “Lookup”.

On macOS, you can select any word and choose “Lookup” to view a short answer or definition of that word. Here is how it looks like:

macOS Lookup

A code change request that we spotted on the Chromium code repository suggests that we might soon see something similar on Chromebooks too.

Quick Answers are small answer boxes that appear on Google Search Result Pages (SERPs):

Google Answer box

The code change request that was added today talks about adding a “Quick Answers library”

“Quick Answers library – The library loads and parse result into a quick answer result which will be used to render on the UI.”

From within code comments, we could also find additional details like these:

It is not clear if Google’s version of “Lookup” will look like Apple’s. However, from the code comments, it is clear that it will include links and images. The bug associated with this change is marked private. This also leaves a lot to our imaginations.

It might take a while before this feature shows up in the Canary channel for testing. We shall update you soon as we receive more details.

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Source: Gerrit.

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