Google Prepares ‘Chrome OS Security Whitepaper’

Google is preparing a Security Whitepaper for Chrome OS detailing the security architecture of the operating system. A document, which appears to be a draft of this whitepaper is now available on the Chromium repository.

According to this document, it “describes the high-level security architecture of Chrome OS. It enumerates the principles Chrome OS uses to think about security, explains how these principles apply to different Chrome OS use cases, and outlines how these principles translate to security features in Chrome OS devices.”

Explaining its purpose, the document says “After going through this document the reader should be able to understand why the Chrome OS security team argues that Chrome OS provides a high level of security, and how this is achieved.”

You can read the complete whitepaper here.

Main Topics

The whitepaper is organized into following main topics:

  • Principles of Chrome OS security
  • Layers of Chrome OS security
  • What Chrome OS security means for you
  • What we fortify
  • Testable defenses

The document covers security features of Chrome browser, Chrome OS, Android on Chrome OS and Linux applications on Chrome OS.

The document also lists the following as “common use cases for Chrome OS:

Computing on the couch

  • Computing at work or school
  • Borrowing a device at a library or coffee shop
  • Sharing a device among family members of all ages

It is unclear how and when this document will be published. However, users will be able to keep track of changes to this document because it is published within the Chromium code repository.

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