Pause or Resume Media Using Assistant on Chromebook

The latest Chrome OS Canary version has a new experimental feature. Available behind a flag, Assistant can now pause or resume media playback on Chromebooks.

Controlling media playback using voice is a very useful feature available on Android and to Google Home devices. Users can ask the Assistant to pause or resume videos or music hands-free using this method. The new flag available in the Canary channel of Chrome OS brings this feature to Chromebook users too.

The Flag – Assistant Media Session integration

Name: Assistant Media Session integration

Description: Enable Assistant Media Session Integration. – Chrome OS

URL: chrome://flags/#enable-assistant-media-session-integration

With this new flag enabled, you can ask the Assistant to control media playback. You can control YouTube videos or music from Spotify using this. Here is a quick demo:

Media Session API

According to Google, Media Session is used by the Assistant to control media playback from various apps. This allows the Assistant to talk to the media app to control playback.

On the Stable channel of Chrome OS, you can ask the Assistant to play music or a video. However, you cannot control the playback after it starts playing. However, on the Canary version with the flag enabled, this is possible.

Chrome OS expected to get media controls on the lock screen soon. With Assistant integration to control media playback, users will be able to use voice commands to play or pause music or videos.

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