‘Made by Google’ Chromebooks to Feature Exclusive Wallpapers

“Made by Google” phones often come with a set of exclusive wallpapers. A code commit that we spotted today hints that such exclusive wallpapers coming to Google Chromebooks too. Google already ships their Pixel phone with exclusive wallpapers (Thanks Mishaal).

Made by Google Chromebooks

Google started making their own Chromebooks with the first Chromebook Pixel in 2013. They followed it up with Chromebook Pixel 2 in 2015 and then launched Pixelbook and Pixel Slate in years following that.

Rumors say that Google is all set to release Pixelbook Go during their hardware event this month. The code commit that we spotted today suggests that this new Google Chromebook will launch with exclusive wallpapers.

“CrOS Wallpapers] Add new filtering label for “Made by Google” devices.”

“In order to make a specific collection of wallpaper photos (“Anna’s Garden”) only available on “Made by Google” chromebooks, a new filtering label must be added to whitelist that collection to “Made by Google” chromebooks.”

The team is preparing a way to identify Google-branded Chromebooks to whitelist them to access the new wallpapers.

The bug associated with this code change is private. Hence, we do not have any details about what type of wallpapers to expect. However, the description refers to “Anna’s Garden”, possibly a code name for this project or set of images.

We look forward to exploring these exclusive wallpapers when Google launches the Pixelbook Go. We can expect to see these wallpapers on Chromebooks Pixels, the Pixelbook and the Pixel Slate.

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