Chrome OS Gets Built-in Connectivity Diagnostic App

The latest version of the Chrome OS Canary channel has a new built-in app called “Connectivity Diagnostic”. It runs a few connectivity checks and provides results.

Connectivity Diagnostic App

The Connectivity Diagnostic app is not available on the app launcher. However, you can launch it by searching the app name in the launcher or from the Assistant app. You can also pin the app to the taskbar for quick access.

The app looks a lot like the official Chrome app that Google has listed on the Chrome Web Store. Here is how the app looks like:

Connectivity Diagnostic App

The home screen of the app displays the following:

  • Connection type
  • WiFi SSID
  • Signal strength
  • MAC Address
  • IP Address
  • Subnet Mask
  • Gateway
  • DNS

Click the “Run Diagnostics” link to start running the tests. The app performs the following tests one by one:

  • Captive portal
  • DNS
  • Firewall
  • Google Services
  • Local network
Tests in progress

You will see a green tick mark against each item that the app finds working.

Green tick marks for passed tests

Here is a screenshot from the app with the WiFi connection disabled on the Chromebook:

Failed tests

The Connectivity Diagnostics app is available only on the Canary channel of Chrome OS at the moment.

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