Google to Add End of Life Details to Chromebook Settings App

Google is preparing to add End of Life (EOL) date it to the Chrome OS Settings app. The code commit that we spotted today talks about adding EOL details to the “About” section of the Settings app.

Recent Mishaps

In September 2019, Google incorrectly sent out End of Life messages to some Chromebooks. This caused a lot of confusion among Chromebook users. This was caused by a bug. A few Chromebooks received EOL notifications six months ahead of their planned EOL date.

Google fixed this bug with a code change and pushed the change through a Chrome OS updated. The new development suggests that Google wants to improve the user experience around EOL dates.

The Code Change

The code change request clearly talks about adding the EOL date to the “About” section of the Chrome OS Settings app.

“[CrOS EOL] Add Eol section to Settings About page if the date is available.”

The code change suggests that there will be a new section called “End of Life ” in the “About” page of the Chrome OS settings app. Here is the message that you will see there:

“Software updates for this device will be available until” followed by the month and year of that your Chromebook will receive the last software update from Google.

Chrome OS EOL Information

This new feature will soon be available in the Canary channel of Chrome OS. It will then be moved to the Dev, Beta and Stable channels in coming weeks.

Source: Gerrit.

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