Meet ‘Tab Strips’, a New Way to Manage Your Chrome Tabs

Google seems to be experimenting with a new method to manage open tabs on Chrome. This is currently available in the Canary version of Chrome. The new method is called “Tab Strips” and it is a scrollable carousel of tabs thumbnails.

How Chrome Tab Strips Work

“Tab Strips” opens up a scrolling list of tab thumbnails above Chrome’s address bar aka Omnibox. You can click any of these thumbnails to go to those tabs. You can also close or open a new tab from the tab strip.

Google is still working on this new tab management method. For now, you can open or close new tabs from here. A recent code change also added “Most Recently Used” ordering to the tab strip.

Flags to Enable

Here are the flags that you will need to enable to test this feature:

After enabling these flags, restart Chrome to start using Tab Strips. To open the tab strip, click the up arrow next to the new tab + icon on the top-right corner of Chrome.

Click the up arrow icon.

This will open the tab strips menu. Click on any tab thumbnail to go to that tab. You can also close any open tab using the X icon on the thumbnail. Tab Grouping does not seem to work on this UI yet.

Google Chrome Tab Strip

You can also visit chrome://tab-strips to see the tab strip.

The tab strips UI takes up a lot of space on the screen. However, it can be handy for a situation where you will need to see a snapshot of all your open tabs while working on any other open tab.

There have been a lot of code change requests for this new tab management interface. The work seems to be far from complete.

Stay tuned to Chrome Story for more updates on Tab Strips.

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