Google is Working on “Friendly Privacy Settings” for Chrome

Google is preparing a friendlier version of privacy settings for Chrome. A code commit that we spotted today hints that we will see more changes in this area soon.

Chrome Privacy Settings to Get a Subsection

Privacy settings are currently part of the “Advanced” section of Chrome settings. This code commit talks about making it a separate subsection on the Settings page.

“Initial Revision for Friendly Privacy Settings: This CL moves the privacy section out of advanced, and switches the privacy section itself to have a more expansion to hold the more in depth features.”

The bug linked from the code commit is private and hence, we do not have many details to share at the moment. However, since this change is considered “initial” revision for Friendly Privacy Settings, there will be more such changes in the coming days.

Apart from making Privacy Settings another main heading, Google will re-arrange current items under Privacy and security to a more friendly list with more subsections. We will know what these new sections are in the coming days when Google starts rolling out these changes to the Canary channel version of Chrome.

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