Chrome OS to Get Android ‘System Default Apps’

A few weeks ago, Chrome Story reported that users will be able to use a different Google account on Play Store on Chrome OS. Based on a new code commit that we spotted today, this seems to prepare Chrome OS for “System Default Apps”.

Android phones and tablets come with a few default apps. These include Gmail, Maps and of course, the Play Store. Chrome OS also will soon have a set of default system apps.

The Code

Source: Gerrit.

Commit Description: “arc: Add concept of system default apps.”

“These apps exist on system image and available for all users. This also
moves custom Play Store case handled separately before to system app.”

The bug associated with this code change is private. This makes details scarce on this feature. However, the code comments indicate that the Play Store will be the first default system app that the team is working on.

Code for Chrome OS Android Default System Apps

As the code change comment suggests, these new system apps will be available to all users on a Chromebook. For example, if you add a new user to your Chromebook, these apps will be pre-installed and ready to use for this new user when she logs in.

Upcoming versions of Chrome OS Canary will shed more light on what these default apps are going to be. However, we will update this article if we spot more code changes listing these default apps.

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