How to Use Chrome’s ‘Shared Clipboard’ (Send Text from One Device to Another)

Google is working on a shared clipboard that will let you copy text from one device and paste it on another one. Here is how this feature works.

Enable Shared Clipboard (Flags and Canary for Now)

I am currently using the Canary version of Chrome on my desktop and phone. There are a couple of flags that you will need to enable until Google makes this a default feature in Chrome.

Enable these flags

Flags to enable:

  • Enable receiver device to handle shared clipboard feature
  • Enable shared clipboard feature signals to be handled
  • Sync Clipboard Service

Send Text from Desktop to Other Devices

Enable the flags, restart Chrome and you are ready to test this feature. Select some text and choose “Send text to your devices.”

Send Text to Your Devices

You will now see eligible devices as a list. Pick a device where you want to send the selected text. You will now see “Sending” on the address bar.

Here is what it looks like on the Receiving device:

The text you copied and shared from the desktop is now available on your phone’s clipboard. You can “Paste” it anywhere as you normally do.

Sending Text from Android to Chrome (or a Chromebook)

Select and highlight the text that you want to copy and send to another device:

Tap Share and choose “Send text to” with a Chrome icon:

You will now see a list of eligible devices. Pick a device to send the copied text:

You will now receive the copied text on the selected device. In this example, I sent the copied text to my Macbook Pro. I could then simply paste the text onto my desktop.

It might take a few more weeks before this feature becomes available on the Stable channel. When it does, you already know how to use it.

Questions? Drop me a comment and we can discuss this further.

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