First Look at Chrome OS Release Notes (It’s a Web Page)

The Chrome OS release notes that we discussed a few weeks ago is now live. An interesting thing to note here is that the release notes is a web page. You can access the release notes here.

I was expecting a bit more detailed list features. The list that is available now talks about the newly added features, at a high level. I am using the Canary build which updates almost daily. That could a reason why my expectations are different. If you were to check the release notes page after a Stable channel update, I am sure you will appreciate this new feature.

When you log into your Chromebook after an update, you will see a notification inviting you to check out the release notes:

Release Notes Notification

You will also see a link on the About page within the Settings app. Look for the “See what’s new” link:

See What’s New

Finally, here is the actual release notes itself. The page is titled “What’s new with your Chromebook?” and the intro says:

Your Chromebook updates automatically to provide you with the latest features and to keep the software fresh and speedy. Here’s some highlights from recent releases:*

This page seems to be getting ready for the next Stable channel release of Chrome OS. I am saying this because there is the mention of “Virtual Desks”

It will be interesting to see how Google shapes this up and how often they will use this page to promote new Chrome OS features.

Thoughts? Comments?

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