Google Chrome Might Get a ‘Shared Clipboard’ (Sync Across Devices)

Google Chrome might get a “Shared Clipboard” feature that allows users to send copied items across signed-in devices. We have seen Chrome extensions offering this feature in the past. This time, however, we might see such a feature being part of the browser itself.

The Code

As usual, I spotted a code change request today regarding this change. Here is the changelog from this code commit:

Feature flags for Shared Clipboard feature.

The bug associated with this change is public and it says:

Issue 991521: Unido – Shared Clipboard Feature flags

Now to the actual flags. This code change adds two flags:

Enable receiver device to handle shared clipboard feature – Enables receiver device to handle shared clipboard feature by showing a notification to receive the clipboard to share.


Enable shared clipboard feature signals to be handled – Enables shared clipboard feature signals to be handled by showing a list of user’s available devices to share the clipboard.

These changes definitely are talking about a clipboard sync feature. However, I am not 100% sure if it will be something like, you copy something on your Chromebook and then paste it on your Windows laptop or any other device. That’s why I said “we might” get a clipboard sync feature. As we see more flags and code changes around this, we will be able to find out what this is going to look and work like.

Shared Clipboard for Chrome

Part of “Sharing” and “Unido”

This feature has been tagged under the umbrella of “Send to Self” is part of this category.

The “Click to call” or “One Chrome” is also part of “Sharing”. I can also see “Unido” being used as another project name. Is Unido part of “One Chrome” or is it the other way around? It will be interesting to find out! (Don’t forget to comment if you have some information around this).

As usual, I will be watching this feature closely and reporting on any future changes. Stay tuned and subscribe to receive updates.

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