How to Rename Bookmarks in Chrome

Chrome allows users to organize their bookmarks into folders and sub-folders. This article explains how you can rename an existing bookmarks folder in Chrome.

How to Rename Bookmarks in Chrome – Video

Rename Folders from Bookmarks Bar

The bookmarks bar is that small bar with bookmarks and folders right below Chrome’s address bar, aka Omnibox. If you have a folder here that you want to rename, right-click and choose Rename.

For any other folder, you can do this from the bookmarks manager.

Rename Folders from Bookmarks Manager

First, open a new tab and go to chrome://bookmarks/. This opens the bookmarks manager. Next, find the folder you want to rename and right-click. You should see the Rename button there.

Choose Rename

Here is a bonus tip. You can right-click any individual bookmark or favorites as Windows users might call them, and click Edit to rename them.

Hope you found this useful. Drop in a comment if you have similar questions that I can help you with, by writing similar articles!

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