Enterprise Features to Get a Dedicated Chrome Flags Page

chrome://flags page, as you know, hosts various experimental features that users can enable to test out upcoming features. Google uses this page to launch features without enabling them by default for everyone.

A recent code commit on the Chromium repository and the bug associated with the change suggest that we might get another page similar to chrome://flags with enterprise-specific flags to test.

The commit log simply says “Create a new page showing a subset feature switches”. However, the bug associated with this change has a little more for us.

Issue 982371: Create a new page showing a subset of enterprise feature switches

It suggests that the team will create a new page similar to chrome://flags which will show all the flags that users can enable or disable on enterprise edition of Chrome or Chrome OS. The page will not show anything that enterprise users cannot use.

A comment on the same bug also says:

Elly, this is the work we discussed on 5/14/19 as a solution to not expose about:flags for anything non-developer related. I will create a launch bug to track this change as it deserves one imo.

This makes me a bit worried. I am not able to decode the whole thing, but it refers to a discussion about reducing the exposure of about:flags (which is same as chrome://flags) to non-developers. At least that’s how I read it.

That sounds like bad news for Chrome power users who love to play around with new features before they are launched. I am hoping that we will see more code changes and bug reports around this which will provide more clarity on the matter.

Stay tuned!

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