Chrome OS Starts Syncing Connected Bluetooth Devices

As announced back in November 2018, Chrome OS has started syncing connected Bluetooth devices on Chromebooks. For example, let us assume that you have connected a supported device, for example, JBL headphones, to your Pixel phone. When you log in to your Chromebook using the same Google account, you will see the JBL device available for your connect to, without pairing it with the Chromebook.

Update: This screenshot is from Chrome OS 76 Beta.

Here is a screenshot from Reddit user u/spen3000:

iOS and macOS already offer this feature. Bluetooth devices like Airpods will be saved in your Apple account and synced across all your devices. Now, Google has made this available for Android and Chrome OS users. The original announcement had said that this support will be made available in 2019.

If you are wondering what “supported devices” are, let me quote from the official blog post:

We have been working closely with dozens of manufacturers, many of which are bringing new Fast Pair compatible devices to market over the coming months. This includes Jaybird, who is already selling the Tarah Wireless Sport Headphones, as well as upcoming products from prominent brands such as Anker SoundCore, Bose, and many more.

This is part of Google’s effort to catch up to Apples fast pair options. If you buy an Airpod and try to connect to an iPhone, all you have to do is keep both devices side-by-side and open the Airdpods case. The iPhone will automatically detect the new pair of headphones and instantly connect to it, with a single touch.

Google will also start giving similar features to Android users using its own version of fast pairing. In Google’s case, however, it will not be that easy. Apple does not have a lot of devices and manufacturers to worry about. For Google, this is different. They will have to work with at least a handful of manufacturers to make this available to a good slice of the market.

We will now start seeing more people sharing screenshots and their surprise. Did you see something like this on your Chromebook too? Drop me a comment!

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