Report Suspicious Websites to Google with this Chrome Extension

Google’s Safe Browsing repository has been around for years. It is a service that monitors the internet and compiles a list of unsafe websites.

With Chrome version 75, this service is built-in to Chrome. It will alert you whenever you are about to visit a website that it thinks is unsafe or something that you don’t usually visit.

For example, if the website’s address looks like an incorrectly spelled version of a website that you usually visit, Google will alert you. This will help you stay away from phishing websites.

Suspicious Site Reporter Chrome extension

Google also released a Chrome extension that lets users report any suspicious web activity that they might find.

Suspicious Site Reporter is now available on the Chrome Web Store for anyone to install.

With the Suspicious Site Reporter extension, you’ll see an icon when you’re on a potentially suspicious site, and more information about why the site is suspicious. Click the icon to report unsafe sites to Safe Browsing for further evaluation.

I’d recommend installing this extension as an additional layer of security for your browser.

Happy browsing.

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