Chrome to add ‘Periodic Sync’ for websites and apps to update at intervals

Google Chrome is testing a new feature designed for developers. Available behind the flag “Periodic Background Syn” the new feature will allow websites to go online and update at specific intervals.

Periodic Sync

This feature is similar to the existing Background sync. When ready, this will be available on Android, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS and Mac.

Periodic Background Sync is an extension of Background Sync. It allows websites to register tasks to be run in a service worker at periodic intervals with network connectivity.

The API will allow offline-first web apps to periodically update state, and will allow periodic content producers like news sites to push content to users’ devices periodically.

The best example will be a news website or app. The developer can set it to connect every five minutes and download the latest news. According to Google’s documentation, currently, the only way for websites and apps to enable this functionalist is through push notifications, which requires a server.

If you are a developer, I would recommend going through the design document and other related information available here. It will be great if you can add your thoughts in the comment section here so that non-developers here can understand the impact of this feature more.

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