Chrome OS to Get ‘Release Notes’ to Tell You What Changed After Each Update

Your Chromebook has downloaded a new version of Chrome OS and wants you to restart. Good news, isn’t it? You will go ahead and restart your Chromebook.

What changed?

There isn’t anything on your Chromebook that’ll give you a list of changes in the new version. You could check the Chrome Releases blog which will probably tell you what’s the new version number and send you to a long list of code changes and commit logs.

Not helpful.

Looks like this is going to change. A code commit that I spotted today talks about adding a “Release Notes” to Chrome OS. This will appear when you restart to update to a new version of Chrome OS.

You will also be able to launch it as an app from the About section of the Settings app.

The code commit says:

Release Notes for CrOS.

Notifies user on login about release notes after their machine is updated.
Clicking on notification or field in About Page launches the release notes PWA.

The app that launches from About page will be a PWA according to this code commit. I’d bet that we will be able to open it or even pin it to the taskbar if I want to.

My Pixelbook is on Canary channel which is updated almost daily. Will I get a release note each time it is updated? It’ll be fun if it will tell me what’s new in each update. Well, I don’t think that’s going to happen, but hey, who is stopping me from dreaming right?

You will defnitely see this Release Notes with Stable channel updates and possibly even Beta channel updates.

I don’t have any details on any of that, but stay tuned I’ll post more as soon as I find out about it. For now, I know that managed Chromebook users will not get this feature.

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