G Suite admins to get a policy to control ‘Powerwash’ on Chromebooks

G Suite admins can soon decide if they want to let users Powerwash or Factory reset their Chromebooks. Currently, there is no admin policy available in the admin panel for this.

‘DevicePowerwashAllowed’ Policy

This new policy will allow admins to let users Powerwash their Chromebooks if they want to, or disable that option completely.

Here is the code change request I spotted today:

Device policy to allow powerwash

This is a device policy that specifies if the device is allowed to
powerwash, either from login screen with shortcut keys, or from settings

The implementation of the effects on the settings page will be done in a
separate CL.

If you are a G Suite admin with a fleet of Chromebooks to manage, I am sure you will appreciate this feature. I would love to hear from Chrome OS admins here.

Comments, maybe?

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